The prison inmate behind the viral fashion show video is facing punishment. Yep, he’s in “the box”, solitary confinement for the viral video and altering the prison outfits. See the video below.

Inmate Rashod Stanley, also known as Atlanta Santana, started the clothing line ‘THE TRENCHES’ where he designed clothes with scraps from his cell in prison to reconstruct the inmate uniforms using only a paper clip and dental floss.

Stanley is currently serving a 20 year sentence at a Georgia penitentiary after being convicted of robbery in 2016 . During his prison stay he exploits his passion for fashion.

His online store is available for anyone to purchase his clothing. He has been advertising his products via social media. The videos have helped Stanley gain exposure and clients but they’ve also caused him to be moved to and held in solitary confinement.

His mother made a lengthy post on Instagram alleging that Stanley was being held Tier 2 at Macon State Prison for “the prison fashion show video” that went viral last month, and also added that the same clothing was posted in another video on March 19th, 2020. The video posted in March was received with charges that landed him in solidarity confinement for 30 days.

The charges Stanley is faced with are “attempt to aid in escape” this is due to officers not being able to identify inmates because of their altered clothing, which may lead to them to be able to escape, he was also charged with “altering state property” for the materials he used to make the clothing.

In the instagram post Stanley’s mother explained what Tier 2 is and what qualifies inmates to be in the program. She explained it is a 9-month solitary confinement program for offenders who commit or lead others to commit violent, disruptive, predatory, riotous actions, or who otherwise pose a serious threat to the safety and security of institutional operations,”. She says her son does not meet the criteria and believes it is excessive punishment.

In the post, a Gofundme is linked to help Stanley with an attorney to fight the allegations and the address to the prison. where supporters can send him letters while he does 9 months in solitary confinement.


Rashod Stanley Macon State Prison P.O. Box 426 Oglethorpe Ga. 31068 
GDC #1001872835
J1-Room 102

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